Our Chartering team is experienced in fixing vessels in Time and Voyage Charter with handies upto panamax size vessels, chemicals vessels. Main cargoes booked are generals including bagged cargo, project cargoes as well as grain and minerals in bulk, chemical to any destination.

Give us your cargo inquiry showing its main details like, type of cargo, quantity, loading and discharging port names and respective load/discharge daily rates, as well as laydays and name of the charterers. You rest assured your cargo will not be circularized in the Market, but will be directed to our main supporting shipping companies with whom we deal for many years.

We welcome your company in the shipping industry! You may count on us to assist you in all phazes of the chartering of your cargoes!
Under above circumstance and characteristics, we put ourselves at your disposal for all our operational structure and hope to count on your support for future appointments/contracts.

Please fell free to contact us with your enquiry thru email for our representatives.

Mr. Marcelo Marques – SANTOS HEAD OFFICE