Company Quality Policy

GRUPO PORTO policy is to provide services of a quality that meet the initial and continuous needs and expectations of customers and in doing so to be the leader in product quality reputation. and main goal is always being in client mind as solution to their problem.

– Is believe that everything is possible when we work hard onto the task always obeying the law;

– Is look and well care our clients as we do with our staff;

– Seach improvement and participation on the market;

– Prevent all possible risks and threats to our environment;

– Permanet work on improvement of our activties thru constant updated and trainings involving our employers as well as the improvement of technological tools.

Anti-Corruption Policy

According to Brazilian Law, nÂş 12.846/2013, which has been enforced since Feb 1st 2014, Brazilian and Foreign companies, shall not, directly or through branches, third parties, subsidiaries, representatives, agents, employees and/or any other person acting on behalf of the company:

– Offer, authorize, promise, pay, give gifts or other advantages, to any public agent or third party;

– Finance or support any illegal action aiming at undue advantage;

– Use a third party to gain advantages;
Bribes and facilitation payments are prohibited and violate the law, and may lead to large punishment to individuals (who execute illegal action) and to the companies, which can be severally penalized.

The Porto Group through their companies Porto Multimodal Ltda. and Porto Agenciamentos Marítimos e Operador Portuário Ltda., are committed to comply with national and international anti-corruption laws and we work against corrupt practices globally.

All of our employees are therefore not allowed to offer, authorize, or promise to pay anything to a public agents or third party related without getting a written receipt. Any demands from public agents will be reported internally in the company’s reporting system and submitted back to headquarters and relevant management in order to take the necessary measures.