Shipping Agency

At inside of GRUPO PORTO we have our own shipping agency called PORTO MULTIMODAL LTDA.
Would like to present to your honoroble company our intention to act as your consinee or protect agent at maritime Brazilian coast, given our long experience in the segment, as well as the professionalism of our employees. Our Company are in the market with over 20 years of experience and dedication to the marine industry. Our employees are fully updated and ready to meet and represent ship-owners and charterers interest, with own offices in two states of Brazil, which are SANTOS-SP / PR-PARANAGUA as well a  large network of partners who act as sub-agents around Brazilian ports.

As consignee or protect agent we seek to strenghten a long term relationship based on trust and loyalty with our clients ,which we definetly committed to safeguard their interests on the market. Our company is able to development all usual service required from the market as:

– Plan and manage vessel rotation thru brazilian ports considering operation at vessel with long scales to various brazilian ports
– Port Information
– Provide all port clearance with authorties ( Customs House / Immigration / Brazilian Navy / Health authority / Dock Company/Agriculture ministry)
– Daily feedback about vessel prospections to owners, charters, terminals, surveyors and shipbrokers
– Coordenate vessel berthing and sailing with vessel, authorities, pilot station and tug boat companies
– Issuance of BL
– BL inputation and processment thru authorities system for export or Import cargoes
– Correction letter to authorities system
– Daily line up issuance conrcening port cargoes
– Cargo Claims
– Laytime Calculation